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Nemo Waterbase

Lightweight and indestructible with a modular adapter system to fit most pole sizes.

Diameter of base: 60cm

Weight when filled with water: 30kg

A multipurpose, multifunctional movable water base design. Fits a wide range of pole thicknesses allowing for a variety of possible applications. Light when empty yet sturdy when full. Stackable for easy transportation or shipping.

  • Features two indentations for easy carrying plus an optional nylon roller for movability.
  • The nylon adapter sleeves allow one to use a variety of pole sizes including 26mm, 32mm, 38mm, 48mm and 50.8mm poles.
  • Setting up is foolproof with only one allen key needed. All adapter sleeves lock into position while the alignment system keeps the pole vertical.
  • Stackable for easy transportation and storage. The design has a low weight for shipping yet is sturdy when filled with water.
  • Stainless steel fittings and tube, nylon roller and adapter sleeves plus special  UV inhibitors. Needs no maintenance and handles any climate.
  • A filler plug seal ensures no leakage while rain drainage holes & a ridged underside means no stains on the floor.

Suitable for luxury homes, hotels, restaurants, events, promotional displays, camping or beach use, amusement parks, emergency barriers etc.