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Concrete Bases

Woodline has created a wide range of base systems to anchor your shade exactly in the right spot. Browse our collections of free standing, mounted and speciality base systems and select from a range of material finishes to suit any environment and setting.

Double Paver Frame Kit (Example with Pavers)

The Paver Frame Base consists of a hot-dipped galvanized metal frame that houses standard 15.6 square inch paver slabs. To reduce shipping costs pavers can be purchased separately near installation location. Alternatively pavers can be included with base on special request. The frame houses either a single layer of 4 pavers (single layer ≥ 80kg/177Lb) or a double layer stack of 8 pavers (double layer ≥ 138kg/305Lb) with the aid of an extension kit).

Weight Use with Parasol Parasol Model Code
80 kg Safari SA40RE PVB/4SA
80 kg Safari SA35RE PVB/4SA
138 kg Picollo PI32RA PVB/8PI
138 kg Picollo PI30SA PVB/8PI
138 kg Pendulum PE40RAS PVB/8PE
138 kg Pendulum PE35SAS PVB/8PE
138 kg Pendulum PE34REAS PVB/8PE
138 kg Pavone PA30SA PVB/8PA
138 kg Pavone PA35RA PVB/8PA
138 kg Storm ST35RSS PVB/8STRM
138 kg Storm ST30SSS PVB/8STRM66


The Paver Frame includes an extention kit. The extension kit is fitted to the frame when more weight is required by means of stacking four (4) additional pavers to form an eight (8) paver configuration. The PvB4 base type is a four (4) paver configuration while the PvB8 is a stacked eight (8) paver base configuration.

Note: the pavers are not included and only displayed in this image as a reference. Recommended paver size 40 cm x 40 cm W x 4 cm H

Concrete Slab Base Kit

Classic hexagonal shaped, reinforced concrete base fits any Woodline center pole parasol with various combinations of weights and tube sizes available for desired applications.

Weight Use with Parasol Parasol Model Code
30 kg Mistral MI27RA CBS
30 kg Mistral MI30RA CBS
30 kg Mistral MI20SA CBS
30 kg Mistral MI25SA CBS
30 kg Safari SA27RE CBS
55 kg Safari SA35RE CBM
30 kg Safari SA23SE CBS
55 kg Safari SA29SE CBM
55 kg Safari SA223REE CBM