The warranty is valid from date of first purchase from Woodline Shade Solutions. Every Woodline Shade Solution product is meticulously engineered to maximize not just their form and functions, but also to make sure that they outlast even the harshest conditions. Each item is crafted from the finest weather-resistant materials, specifically selected for their ability to endure. The manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal residential and commercial use and conditions. The limited warranty protection detailed below covers manufacturing defects only.

Frames and Bases

A  Umbrella Structure/Frame: 24 months / 2 years
Entire frame structure, including mast, hubs, struts, brackets, and hardware

B  Umbrella Base & Tube: 24 months / 2 years
Stainless steel umbrella tubes, base mounts, powder coated steel plates, paver frame, galvanized steel plates.


C  Symphony fabric range: 84 months / 7-year limited warranty
The warranty covers the fabric becoming unserviceable because of loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew, rot, and atmospheric chemicals.

Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions

THE OBLIGATIONS OF WOODLINE SHADE SOLUTIONS HEREUNDER ARE LIMITED TO REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF PARTS OF THE PRODUCT FOUND TO BE DEFECTIVE UNDER THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. IN NO EVENT SHALL WOODLINE SHADE SOLUTIONS BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO TIME, WAGES OR LOST PROFITS, OF ANY NATURE OR KIND OR FOR DAMAGES TO OR LOSS OF PROPERTY. In addition, Woodline Shade Solutions reserves the right to modify, refine, or improve its products and parts including making substitutions, without incurring any responsibility to modify, exchange, replace or repair any parts or products to meet prior specifications.

General Limitations

1  Woodline warrants that the products supplied complies with the Manufacturer’s Standard Specifications as contained in the written warranty accompanying the product.

2  The onus shall be on the Customer to ensure examination before use that the product delivered is within specification.

3  Any recommendation, formula, figure, advice, specification, illustration, diagram, price list, dimension, weight, or other information furnished by Woodline is approximate and for information only and, unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, does not form the basis or any part of the sale.

4  Woodline shall not be liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any loss or damage arising out of the use by the Customer of any material or information referred to in clause.

Woodline does not make any representations nor, unless expressly given in writing, give any warranty or guarantee of any nature whatsoever in respect of the goods or their suitability for any purpose, regardless of whether that purpose is notified to Woodline.

6  The warranty is not applicable to normal wear and tear, damage or loss caused by Acts of God or any other sources beyond Woodline’s control, damage or loss caused by another device or product that is connected to the product, damage resulting from accidents, misuse, tampering or failure of the customer to maintain and follow the normal operating procedures as outlined in the user manual.

7  Superficial damage, including any type of scratches or abrasions caused from contact with the moving components of the frame itself or canopy during normal operation are not eligible for warranty coverage unless the damage compromises the structural integrity of the frame. For the warranty to apply, products must be properly cared for and maintained as outlined in the Care and Maintenance section of the product manual.

Woodline may provide the Purchaser with spare parts to resolve the defect during the warranty period. All warrantees issued by Woodline are limited to only the original Purchaser of the Product.

9  The warranty is void if repairs, alterations, or modifications are done by a person not authorized by Woodline or if non-standard parts are used without prior written approval by Woodline. Woodline is not responsible for parts or labor coverage for component failure and or other damages resulting from improper usage, installation, or failure to clean and/or maintain the Product as set forth by informational material.

Product Finish Limitations

Proper routine care can extend the lifespan of your shade structure and base and ensure continues smooth operation. Proper upkeep is an essential part of making the most of your investment. Failure to maintain Woodline Shade Product according to the recommended guidelines can lead to a range of effects, including long-term damage and structural instability, voiding this limited warranty.

1  Stainless Steel/Steel/Aluminum
Exposure to chemical solutions, weathering, salt, all contribute to unsightly staining, or discoloration which is a natural part of the aging process for all steel and iron-based materials, therefore it is not considered a defect and is not covered under the Woodline Shade Solutions Warranty.

2  Galvanized Finishes
Galvanized steel will show unavoidable imperfections due to the finishing process and therefore must be accepted in the condition in which they are received.

3  Eucalyptus Wood
We only use sustainable eucalyptus timber for our wooden components which are treated with marine yacht varnish to fortify them for the rigors of outdoor living. We recommend the periodic care of wooden components with a light sanding and reapplication of the varnish coating once a year to maintain the natural beauty of the wood.

4  Fittings
All fittings, nuts, bolts, pulleys, and cleat components are made with high grade stainless steel and weatherproof nylon. Maintaining these fittings and components is imperative to the longevity and the proper operation of the shade system. A simple occasional freshwater rinsing will help keep them working well and looking good.

Fabrics, Thread and Sewing Limitations

The warranty in respect of the fabrics covers the fading of the color because of normal weather conditions and does not cover any other defects or damages. The warranty covers the fabric becoming unserviceable because of loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew, rot, and atmospheric chemical, if the fabric has been properly installed, utilized, and maintained. The warranty does not cover labor and installation supplied by the dealer. The warranty also does not apply against deterioration of any kind due to abusive use, accidental burns, negligence, or perforations.

Wind Rating Limitations

Wind ratings don’t form part of any Woodline Shade Solutions warranties but are merely intended as a guide to the relative stability of the umbrellas only. Umbrellas with a tilt function enabled will not follow these wind ratings. Wind can be extremely variable, depending on the surrounding environment, elevation, angle of the wind gusts, etc. If any impending extreme wind or major weather conditions are expected, all your umbrellas should be closed and secured immediately.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling fees for are to be paid for by the manufacturer. The manufacturer agrees, at its option during the warranty period, to repair or replace any defect in material or workmanship or to furnish a repaired or replacement product of equal value in exchange without charge (except for a fee for shipping, handling, packing, and insurance which will be incurred by the customer). Such repair or replacement is subject to verification of the defect or malfunction and proof of purchase as confirmed by showing the model number on original dated sales receipt.

Warranties & Indemnity

1  Woodline disclaims all liability to the Customer in connection with Woodline’s performance of the Customer’s use of the products supplied and in no event will Woodline be liable to the Customer for special, indirect, or consequenttial damages including but limited to loss of profits.

2  Any liability of Woodline for breach of contract will not exceed in the aggregate of damages, costs, fees and expenses capable of being awarded to the Customer, the total price due to be paid or already paid by the Customer for the services rendered or goods supplied.

3  The Customer shall have no claim for any injury, loss or damage of any kind, suffered by the customer and/or any other person by reason of Woodline failing to carry out its obligation in terms of this agreement and/or by reason of any defect in goods supplied by Woodline to the Customer.

The Customer indemnifies and holds Woodline (including its employees, subcontractors, or subsidiaries) harmless against all claims of whatsoever nature that may be brought or threatened against Woodline or its employees by any third party arising from or in connection with any defect in any goods supplied by Woodline.

Insofar as any of Woodline’s obligations under the contract are carried out by any of its employees, sub-contractors, or subsidiaries, the provisions contained in point B are stipulated for their benefit as well as for Woodline and each of them shall be indemnified accordingly.


If you desire to return a product for service or warranty consideration, please email juanita@woodlineshade.com the following:

1  Completed Woodline Shade Solutions Customer Warranty Claim Form.

2  Clear photos showing the defect part and how it is broken.

3  Proof of purchase.

Once we receive this information, we will review coverage under our warranty and get back to you on the next steps as business permits.

Return Process for Warranty policy

Follow these simple steps for a prompt replacement for warrantied products.

  • Obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number by emailing juanita@woodlineshade.com
  • Please provide a copy of your order number and confirmation in the email.
  • Securely package item(s) in original packaging (including documentation, manuals, warranty information, registration, etc. Include the packing list in the box.
  • Please write your RA number on the outside of the package. For a return Woodline Shade Solutions will arrange a pickup of the damaged product only, through a third-party logistics supplier. We are not responsible for the shipping of the new replacement product or part.
  • Once your return is received and verified, we will ship your exchanged items or credit your original purchase method for the price of the item(s), usually within 15 business days of receipt.

Shipping information will be provided on your RA, all returns are shipped to:

Woodline Shade Solution Warehouse
c/o A.N. Deringer Inc.
107 Lawrence Paquette Drive Champlain, NY


Woodline Shade Solutions reserves the right to, at any time, at our own discretion and without prior notice; modify, extend, suspend, discontinue, or withdraw in whole or in part this policy. For the latest revised policy, please download from the links below: