A brilliant contemporary take on the classic market parasol

Wind Rating:
Moderate Wind

Patios, restaurants, hotels, poolside loungers… areas that require a center post umbrella shade solution.

The Bravura range combines the beauty and strength of mixed medium components. The sleek anodized aluminum frame is complimented by natural eucalyptus hubs bringing together the best of two worlds in a feat of engineered elegance and strength.

The double pulley system with genuine leather rope clip features stainless steel components enabling long-lasting, smooth operation of the canopy, and the stainless steel LOXX eyelets allow for easy fabric removal for washing or seasonal updates.

Eucalyptus upper hub with stainless steel pulley system
LOXX canopy attachment for easy removal for cleaning etc.
Eucalyptus lower hub with genuine leather rope clip
Anodised aluminum ribs for strength and longevity

Options and Accessories

Canopy Sizes


Ribs: 6

Size: 2.7m / 2.9m

Pole Ø: 38mm

Round / Octagonal

Ribs: 8

Size: 3.0m / 3.5m / 4.0m

Pole Ø: 48mm

Ribs: 8

Size: 3.0m / 3.5m / 4.0m / 5.0m

Pole Ø: 60mm


Ribs: 4

Size: 2.0m / 2.2m / 2.5m

Pole Ø: 38mm


Ribs: 8

Size: 2.5m / 2.9m / 3.0m

Pole Ø: 48mm

Ribs: 8

Size: 2.85m / 3.0m / 3.5m / 3.8m

Pole Ø: 60mm


Ribs: 8

Size: 2.2m x 3.0m / 2.2m x 3.3m / 2.5m x 3.5m

Pole Ø: 48mm

Ribs: 8

Size: 2.2m x 3.0m / 2.2m x 3.3m / 2.5m x 3.5m / 3.0m x 4.0m / 3.2m x 4.3m

Pole Ø: 60mm




Weight: 22 kg


Weight: 55 kg




  • 22 kg Frame
  • 14,5 kg per paver

Total weight 138 kg (frame plus 8 x pavers)

*Cement Pavers not supplied

Metal plate


Size: 51 cm

Weight: 16 kg

Square SM

Size: 61 cm square (wheels) Weight: 25 kg

Square LG

Size: 70 cm square (wheels) Weight: 42 kg

Underground Mount

Weight: 6 kg

Bayonet Deluxe Small

Weight: 4 kg

Bayonet Deluxe Medium

Weight: 5.5 kg

Bayonet Deluxe Large

Weight: 6.5 kg

Under Deck Mount

Weight: 8 kg

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Fabric & Colors
Solution Dyed Acrylic fabric


5404 Natural 5453 Canvas 5422 Antique Beige
48009 Arbor Pebble 7001 Namib 7002 Vanilla
3741 Silver Grey 7003 Stonegrey 5476 Heather Beige
3729 Taupe 5408 Black


3714 Celeste Blue 5426 Capri 5499 True Blue
5439 Navy 5424 Sky Blue 5730 Blue Smoke
5420 Mineral Blue 3717 Riveira Blue 5401 Pacific


3743 Aqua 5416 Aruba 5413 Spa
5446 Forest Green 3738 Macao 5419 Celadon
5473 Stone Green


3704 White Sand 5438 Buttercup 5457 Sunflower
5417 Tuscany 3744 Clay Court 5436 Burgundy

SYNTEC Dyed Polyester Waterproof

A01 White A02 Ecru A03 Eggshell
A04 Ivory A05 Sand A06 Yellow
A07 Red A08 Brick A09 Burgundy
A10 Emerald Green A11 Bottle Green A12 Royal Blue
A13 Navy A14 Black

PRIMO Solution Dyed Polyester fabric

601.01 Natural 702.01 Cement 701.01 Vanilla
502.01 Navy
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