Tested in challenging conditions at South Africa’s “Cape of Storms”

Wind Rating:
Strong Wind

Patios, restaurants, hotels, poolside loungers… areas that require high wind tolerance.

Engineered for strength, the Storm is fashioned from ultra corrosion-resistant aluminum and marine grade stainless steel used in the construction of super-yachts. Its robust structure is designed to withstand the onslaught of nature’s fury. Through careful consideration Woodline has selected and developed the most resilient canopy fabrics to be able to handle whipping winds and scorching sun. The built-in quattro pulley system of pure stainless steel assures smooth and effortless operation day after day.
Marine grade stainless steel hubs and center pole
Quattro pulley system with stainless steel wheels
Rope Lock pole stand with 8 slab Paver base
Eyelet attachment system for easy removal

Options and Accessories

Canopy Sizes


Ribs: 8

Code: ST35RSS

Size: 11.5 ft (3.5m)

Pole Ø: 2.4 inch (60mm)


Ribs: 8

Code: ST30SSS

Size: 10.0 ft (3.0m)

Pole Ø: 2.4 inch (60mm)



Base: 8


Frame: 49 lbs (22 kg)

Pavers: 32 lbs (14,5 kg) / paver

Total weight 305 lbs (frame plus 8 x pavers)

* Concrete pavers not supplied

Double Stack Metal Plate


Weight: 286 lbs (130 kg)

Underground Mount

Code: UNGR

Weight: 13.2 lbs (6 kg)

Under Deck Mount


Weight: 15.4 lbs (8 kg)

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Fabric & Colors





Solution Dyed Acrylic fabric
5476 Heather Beige 3789 Stone Grey 3741 Silver Grey
5453 Canvas 5404 Natural 3937 Lemon
5417 Tuscany 5477 Logo Red 3738 Macao
5446 Forest Green 5420 Mineral Blue 5401 Pacific Blue
5499 True Blue 5439 Navy Blue 5408 Black


Solution Dyed Acrylic fabric
Smokey Gobi Seashell
Lapis Teal Cacti
Sazon Pewter Ash
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